My Room Has Become a Dungeon’s Rest Area

The fact that I've contracted a hell of a property.

"Hit me... this property... aren't you going to leave a ghost or something? Ha ha."

I joke because I was ashamed to put out the unrealistic word "ghost."

I'm not sure I can make a good joke because I have the most communal problems.

Still, the realtor seems to have taken it as a joke.

"Ha, customer. Please stop joking. There's no such thing as ghosts."

That's right. Don't worry about anything. I feel like I asked the tenant if there was an accident in the apartment, apartment, etc., that he was obliged to notify the tenant.

Even a real estate agent who is in a suit but can produce a frigid odor will be punished by law if he doesn't inform you more than he is in Japan.

"That's right. Ha ha."

"Boso (well, I'm talking about goblins and slimes)"

Wait a minute. I didn't miss hearing that.

This man said something strange with a very small voice to match my loving laughter.

"Um... what did you say?

"Then write your name big here in this contract. Here's a handkerchief."

Obviously I have a bad feeling.

Goblin or slime? Is that the name of the monster that comes up in my favorite game or Lanobe?

Shit, shit, shit! That's what my sixth sense tells me.

However, even though outside District 23, the attraction that 2LDK in the city is 30,000 yen rent cannot be resisted.

Yes, I am a sad part-time warrior who dropped out of college due to certain circumstances.

I looked at the man in front of me chilling.

Reality There's no way a goblin can come out of the mouth of a yakuza-style suit man in Ariari's murderous landscape office.

There was a time when I thought so, too.

I pounded my handkerchief on the contract and wrote my name.

Suzuki Toru (Suzukitotol) and.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Ohh. That's what I'm saying."

Out the front door, the apartment hallway is a "dungeon."

How do you know what a dungeon is?

"When I opened the front door, it was dark, so I used the iPhone flashlight feature to illuminate it, and he said the hallway was stoned with natural rocks... dungeons!

It's totally an accident property. I mean, accident property is not a level.

No, no, wait a minute. It could be some mistake. Let's think back calmly.

Since the mover left, I have been unloading by myself.

It was night so I tried to go to the convenience store to buy dinner.

- So, when I tried to get out the front door, the hallway was a dungeon.

In the end, settling down didn't change anything.

That's why they rush the contract.

I heard that once someone lived there, they didn't have to tell me it was an accident property.

I guess that frigid realtor was going to snap and tell Goblin and Boso.

"I mean, can I go home alive? Ah... I wondered if I could go home alive, and this is my house already..."

I shut the front door quietly and turned the lock.

The front door is made of sturdy iron.

I think it works effectively on thugs.

"Even if it works for thugs, it's goblins, slimes, or... D, what about dragons..."

I checked the left and right side of the hallway of the dungeon, not the apartment hallway earlier, but from what I saw, there was no goblin or slime nearby.

But beyond the bend, there was a goblin. Instead, there was a dragon. It had an atmosphere that was not strange.

I can't feel safe at all.

I sat down and held my head in the chair that I keep in my 2LDK living room dining room.

Speaking of which, I forgot to turn on the room lights in the evening with a doozy.

Outside street lights pour out the window in a dark room -.

"Streetlight lights!?

I lifted my head and looked out the window... it was a Japanese sight without a streetlight on the pole.

"Which one is it? No way!"

I took my shoes from the front door and went out the big window in the Japanese room where I was about to use them as a geek goods storage area.

It smelled like great exhaust gas that was characteristic of the city.

Streetlight lights on the building lights, car lights and, just ahead, the convenience store and the Tonskihote lights in the General Discount Store are crushing the light of the stars in the night sky.

It did not resemble the world of stone aisles dominated by darkness.

"Ordinary Japan... all over the city of Tachikawa... What's going on with this apartment?

One more time, I'm going back to the Japanese-style room of the apartment through the window I just went out. I got back to normal.

"Does it lead to that dungeon when you walk out the front door for a second? What does that mean? I mean..."

Does it mean that 2 LDK apartments in the city are 30,000 yen a month due to the disadvantage of just going in and out of the window?

Accident property could be a good one.

Sounds more like a dungeon or something, doesn't it?

I was surprised by my calm. [M]

"Maybe it's because I'm too soaked up in games and lanobes. I'm sure that Yakuza Cool Realtor won't be in that room for a whole day. Come on."

I went to the convenience store and Tonskihote in a Lunlun mood, and bought food and… and exploratory tools.

◆ ◆ ◆

And Tonskihote in the General Discount Store is amazing.

"I didn't know they even sold pickels for climbing on helmets with headlights..."

I don't have any protective gear, but I wonder if they are both the best lights and weapons for dungeon exploration in this hand.

Especially if this headlighted helmet is a world of adventures with pine lights and lanterns, it could be the legendary item level.

"Let's go...... to the dungeon"

Put your ear against the front door to see if there's any strange noise.

"In the meantime, it doesn't seem like goblins will attack you as soon as you open the door. Does the slime... sound...?

I gently opened the front door. [M]

Headlights illuminate the darkness.

It's a different amount of light than the flashlight function on the iPhone.

"Is that it? I thought it was the aisle, but it seemed different"

Apparently, there's a big pillar in front of the door of the room, and there's an even bigger space beyond it.

If the vertical and horizontal are the same size, is it about the size of a high school pool?

He thought of the pillar as a wall in the aisle.

"No way, Mr. Goblin suddenly wouldn't be hello from beyond the blind spot of the pillar"

Not through the front door, but this time desperately trying to hear the sound from the air in the dungeon straight away.


I don't think it's a big army. I think... I can hear you breathing from the back of the room across the pillar. Don't...


I'm in a state where only half my body is in the front door and half is in the dungeon. [M]

I have to get out of the front door completely and face out of the shadow of the pillar in order to see the goblin.

"Even if I was there, maybe one. And if you're really there, you can run back to the front door. All right, let's go!

Oh, I wish I could stop. I would never do that realtor.

I stepped into the dungeon wondering if I was overplaying the game.

Nor does the front door disappear.

He proceeded cautiously while securing his escape route, peering at the faint noise behind the room from behind the pillars.

"Hih! There he is! Goblins!"

There was clearly organic flesh lying on the walls and floors of inorganic rock skin.

I immediately pull into the shadow of the pillar. [M]

I'm so surprised. Surprised...

"It could be a weak goblin, apparently."

That goblin didn't protrude his fangs, he didn't see more of this light, he was just lying there.

So I was surprised, but there was less fear than when I heard the sound.

It could be a trap, but the moment I saw it, my instincts made me feel weak.

What do we do? Check again.

"I've come this far. I guess I'll have to."

Carefully peek at the goblins from behind the pillars.

I slowly returned to the shadows of the pillars after observing the goblins for a much longer time than earlier.

"You mean... that... goblin...?

Apparently, the object I felt in the organic matter was the thigh of a goblin. The skin tone was strangely glossy.

If you look closely, the upper body of the thigh was coming with armor. The shield was also rolling nearby.

And when the lights lit me, there was blonde hair scattered across the stone floor that reflected beautifully like gold.

"Not goblins... hey... aren't they female knights?