Lit The Supreme Being

Chapter One Endless Anger

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Huangfu Dynasty, Meteorite City, Mochizuki Town.

The cold wind was icy, heavy snow flew, and the fluttering snowflakes enveloped the bright and colorful Tan Mansion.

"Since God has allowed me to be born again and return to the day of marriage, then I, Tan Yun, will never let the tragedy happen again!"

"Liu Ruyan, Situ Jiannan, one day, I will drive your two big families to extinction!"

Tan Yun, dressed in a bridegroom's attire, looked at the white sky with cripple eyes, scenes passing by, quickly passing by in his mind.

Three days ago, when he married Liu Ruyan, the daughter of the Liu family, the head of the Liu family and the head of the family Situ, in order to occupy the property of the Tan family, they bought the steward of the Tan House, poisoned Tan Yun’s father and grandfather at the big wedding banquet. , Kill 308 people in Tan Mansion!

Before Tan Yun died, he saw Liu Ruyan, his fiancee in wedding clothes, and Situ Young Master: Situ Jiannan's affection.

Only then did he understand that Liu Ruyan and Situ Jiannan had an adulterous affair.

"Tan Yun, my mission has been completed. In this life, it depends on how you get revenge." Suddenly, a weak voice sounded in Tan Yun's mind.

"Who?" Tan Yun was horrified.

"I'm in your spiritual pond, you come in and talk." Tan Yun's mind resounded again, a weak voice.

Tan Yun shuddered and closed his eyes, entered meditation, and came to the spiritual pond in the center of his eyebrows.

The spiritual pond is the place where the monks store the spiritual energy of the world and the foundation of the monks.

After Tan Yun arrived at the Lingchi, his pupils shrank and saw a green diamond-shaped sphere suspended in the center of the Lingchi.

The sphere was the size of a fist and was filled with a halo.

Tan Yun stared at the sphere, a feeling of blood connection gushing out of his heart, his cautious eyes gradually became confused, "Who are you? Why are you inside?"

"I am you, you are me, but unfortunately I have not much time left, so I can't explain to you one by one." The voice inside the sphere became weaker and weaker, "I wish to fly ashes and annihilate and return your memories forever! "

"Remember, you must have revenge!"

As soon as the voice fell, Tan Yun had a splitting headache, and huge fragments of memory poured into his mind and pieced together into a picture.

He saw his last life in the picture, and the memory of each life until the last ten thousand years!In the reincarnation of eternity, every one of my own lives was destroyed!

My dearest relatives will never survive!

And all this is a cruel curse from the first life!

In his first life, he was the majestic supreme of the heavens and all realms.Chaos Supreme and Siyuan Supreme, after jointly killing themselves, cursed themselves for entering the cycle of eternity!

I want to completely annihilate my powerful soul through reincarnation!

The emerald green light ball in the spiritual pond is the foundation of the Hongmeng God Realm: the heart of Hongmeng.

The man who spoke just now was a ray of divine thought that he had cultivated into the heart of Hongmeng in his first life!

It is this ray of divine thought, with a heart of great enlightenment, that after passing through the barriers of the heavens and worlds, falling from the galaxy purgatory, helping oneself be reborn to the day of great joy!

"Hahahaha, reincarnation forever, curse my world to destroy the door!"

After Tan Yun laughed miserably, the whole person was like a sharp sword out of its sheath, "The Supreme Chaos, the Supreme Siyuan, I, Tan Yun, will surely ascend to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, and then reach the God Realm, so that you will not die!"

After obtaining the memory of reincarnation for eternity, Tan Yun also possessed the memory of the pill, formation, implement, talisman, etc. in the first life!

He is determined to go back to the gods for revenge in his last life!

The immortals who betrayed themselves will step on their feet and kill them all!

The top priority is how to resolve the crisis of the Tan Family's destruction!

"Brother Tan Yun, why did you get here? Your mother-in-law told you to go back to the VIP hall."

Accompanied by a beautiful female voice like rain, a girl in a pink skirt, who is all over the country, quickly came to Tan Yun.

The young girl has bright eyes and white teeth, her skin is like snow, and a waterfall-like green silk hangs on her shoulders like a knife. She exudes a suffocating beauty, like a jade girl falling into the world.

She is Tan Yun's righteous sister: Nangong Yuqin.

She is an orphan. She was abandoned in Wangyue Town when she was a baby, and was picked up by Feng Jingru, Tan Yun's mother, to Tan Mansion.

She was well-behaved and sensible since she was a child, and she was naturally beautiful, and she was even more talented. When she was ten years old, she had already entered the third stage of the spiritual birth realm, so Feng Jingru officially accepted her as a righteous daughter.

For example, she was only fifteenth this year, she has entered the sixth stage of the spiritual birth realm, and Liu Ruyan and Situ Jiannan are known as the three geniuses of Wangyue Town.

On the other hand, Tan Yun is sixteen, but he is still in the third stage of the spiritual birth realm, and is a famous waste in Mochizuki Town!

"Okay, I'll go back..." Tan Yun looked back suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly.

He looked at Nangong Yuqin, a sudden burst of inexplicable sorrow and sorrow came from deep in his heart, and the tide of sadness spread to every inch of his skin.

Immediately afterwards, a picture of him in his last life emerged in his mind.

The setting sun was like blood, on the top of the cliff, and when a domineering sword light slashed towards him, a girl who was exactly like Nangong Yuqin pushed herself away!

But she gave her life, the red blood eclipsed the setting sun...

After the memory was interrupted, Tan Yun's eyes were rosy, and he looked at Nangong Yuqin affectionately.

Secretly swear: Yuqin, I will never let you down in this life!

Nangong Yuqin was stunned by Tan Yun's fiery gaze.

She suddenly felt that Tan Yun had changed.

In her memory, although Tan Yungui is a young master, he has always looked melancholy and decadent because he was regarded as rubbish by the whole city.

But today, from Tan Yun, she can't feel the inferiority of the past at all.

"Yuqin, Liu Ruyan and I will come to the church later, you don't have to go, you will help me buy a set of bridal clothes that you think is the most beautiful in the town." Tan Yun seemed to think of something, his expression firm.

"Oh, okay." Nangong Yuqin looked puzzled, smiled, and a few flashes of afterimages flashed, and tears were already in her beautiful eyes when she walked out of the gate of the mansion.

She loves Tan Yun deeply, but she knows that there is a huge disparity between their identities and that she who was born as a maid is not worthy of him.


There are no empty seats in the huge VIP hall.

There are three families in Wangyue Town: the Situ family, the Tan family, and the Liu family.

Tan's family holds a happy event, and all the prominent figures in the town have arrived.Even Bai Qiusheng, a figure in the town's master class, Bai Qiusheng, was in the seat.

Sitting in the middle of the upper table, Tan Yun's parents and grandfather.And Tan Yun's prospective father-in-law Liu Boyi.Seeing Tan Yun's delay in returning, the four of them laughed unnaturally.

The bride, Liu Ruyan, stood tall in front of the main hall, and her face was hidden because of her hijab.

"Tan Feng, the hour has come, you quickly find Yun'er back for me." Old man Tan said with a slight green face looking at Tan Feng sideways.

"Father, calm down your anger, baby, go now..." Tan Feng stepped into the hall before Tan Feng said, "Grandpa, Dad, I'm back."

"Yun'er, you are so old, why are you not sensible at all?" Feng Jingru complained to Tan Yun. Immediately, she looked at Tan Zizhong with a pot of wine and said, "Butler, the wedding begins."

"Subordinates obey." Tan Zizhong said, and then Tan Yun said, like a heavy artillery shell, it lost the crowd!

"Butler, no need!" Tan Yun ignored Liu Ruyan and said firmly: "It is impossible for Liu Ruyan and I today, and even more impossible in the future!"

With that, Tan Yun took out a paper marriage contract from his arms and tore it apart in public!

"What's the situation? Young Master Tan actually regretted the marriage in public! Isn't this humiliating Patriarch Liu by Chi Guoguo?"

"Yeah! What happened? Liu Qianjin is the proud girl of heaven, so there is nothing worthy of him..."

"Shhh...just quietly..."


With the discussion of hundreds of Patriarchs echoing in his ears, Liu Boyi abruptly got up from his seat and snarled at the old man Tan who hadn't been relieved, "Tan Changchun, how can my daughter not be worthy of your waste grandson? Your Tan family deceived too much!"

"Patriarch Liu, calm your anger and anger." After the old man hurried up to apologize, his old body trembled and glared at Tan Yun, "You shameless offspring, you want to anger me alive! If you don't give an explanation, I personally abolished you! "

"You rebellious son, I will kill you!" Tan Feng stepped across the seat and waved his hand to Tan Yun's face.

"I'm just such a son, stop me!" Feng Jingru turned into an afterimage and shielded Tan Yun behind her.

"Madam, it's all about this time, you still show up for this rebellious son!" Tan Feng hovered over Feng Jingru's head with his right hand, his face flushed with anger.

"Husband, father, please calm down your anger first and listen to Yun'er's explanation!" Feng Jingru's tears rolled in her eyes. After a pleading, she looked back at Tan Yun and urged: "Yun'er, give your father and your grandfather quickly. There is also Patriarch Liu to explain!"

"No need to explain!" Liu Boyi roared through the hall, "Is your Tan family bullying our Liu family? For today's shame, I must have your Tan family pay a heavy price! Come!"

Naturally, Liu Boyi would not give the Tan family a chance to explain. Although he was angry that Tan Yun regretted the marriage in public, he humiliated his daughter and the Liu family.But this is not a bad opportunity to take the opportunity to attack the Tan family!

"Swish swish..."

Immediately, the five hundred guards of the Liu family who had been ambushing around the Tan family rushed into the Tan Mansion with swords and knives, and surrounded the hall of VIPs.

Among the five hundred guards, there are more than two hundred people who are disguised by the Situ family guards.

"Be less presumptuous in my Tan family!"

With a loud scream, the two hundred guards of the Tan family, armed with spears, rushed to hear the news, and confronted five hundred opponents fearlessly...

"My Patriarch can't stand it anymore!" The Situ Patriarch in the seat: Situ Tianlun, suddenly got up and stood side by side with Liu Boyi, "Master Tan, you are digging your own grave!"

The two released the eightfold breath of the spiritual birth realm, and their bodies were filled with undisguised killing intent.

"Daddy, you have to call the shots for your daughter...uuu..." Liu Ruyan raised his hijab, pretending to cry, and came to Liu Boyi's side, "Daughter is dead...uu..."

"Hahahaha, pretend, and then pretend to Lao Tzu!" Tan Yun stared at Liu Ruyan and laughed wildly. Then, he looked around at all the Patriarchs who looked at him with cold eyebrows, and said loudly, "Everyone is not curious, why do I regret marriage?"

"Okay, then I tell you!"

Tan Yun turned his claw with his right hand, turned around abruptly, and firmly pinched the mouth of the butler Tan Zizhong!

Then, Tan Yun grabbed the jug with his left hand and poured it over Tan Zizhong’s mouth, “You, an old thing who eats inside and out, was actually bought by Liu Boyi and poisoned inside the jug. He wanted me and Liu Ruyan to worship my parents and grandpa. When, poison them!"

"Don't be a young master, the old slave knows that he was wrong..." Tan Yun poured a pot of poisoned wine into his mouth while Tan Zizhong begged for mercy in horror.


Tan Zizhong's eyes were white, his mouth foamed, and a jet of black poisonous blood spurted out of his mouth, killing him on the spot!