Global Warring State

Global Warring States Section 1

Global Warring States Author: mixed with food to die

brief introduction:

Thriars can only be traversers.

The modern people of seven different countries have traveled to the West and Yuanshang 1600, and the country and royal family of this era. In the seven people, who is the true crosswhey?

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1. Modern people in seven different countries, because of some specific reasons, the collective crossing returns to 1600 years, and at the same time, they ranked at this era in different countries in this era, in the middle of the country.

2, seven trails of birth is: Europe 2, Ottoman 1, India 1, Thailand 1, China 1, Japan 1.

3, the protagonist of the story is of course the born in the Ming Dynasty from the Crossers from the 21st Century Huaxia. The vast position of this traveler is a surgeon, and the historical enthusiasts and the starting point passes.

4, seven traveler's goals are through personal duel, using the power of the country to launch economy, military, politics, etc., beat other trails, become the rival of the traveler.

5, seven traversers are negative, which is very weak, basically no use: The function of this system is, 1. Help strippers accurately position for other trails, and sense whether other trails survive. 2. Supervise the villager words and deeds, preventing a sir from being arhered in the case where the defeat has been determined, and the method of exposing the identity of its own traveler will pull other trails. 3, the ability of a certain aspect. Just three points, I have never written the system, nor is it to write the system. This so-called system is white, because it is a group, so forced to give all the trails of "not allowed self-exposure".

6. In the weak system of this "not allowed self-exposure", in order to induce each other, in order to induce each other, it is positioned by Beidou Qixing: That is, seven trails, everyone corresponds to a star of Beidou Qixing.

The above is the total setup of this book, please see the official forgiveness.

The first chapter is very important

It is said that the great monarchs in the past generation will trigger a heaven and earth. This, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, unable to be outside.

Although ancient and modern Chinese and foreign exception, in the specific embodiment, the difference between China and foreign countries is large.

For example, Western Yuan led Eight 10,000 troops to lay down the Jen Dingburgh in 1453, and renamed this to the Osman Empire Sultan Muhammad II in Istanbul. The State's history book said that when this person fed, Osman had rose 40% from all the land, and its crops were collected. And at the time, people in Constantinople saw the flaming of the fire.

This, this barren imagination is also to think about it?

The great king of China is born, there must be Xiangrui. On the spot history book, the description only you can't think of it, there is no history to write.

According to the conventions of the gods, the seven people selected will be closed after being born, and the entire space will be closed. But in order to give these seven people in, the gods need to be short-lived in this space. Therefore, the Huangdi gave the birthplace of Wang Dong.

When the mother of Wang Dong, the first day of the sky, Daming Yan, the sky suddenly appeared in this latitude absolutely impossible to see. The aurora range is large, and it is completely shaded for large half of the sky.

Along with the aurora, there are countless fairy cranes to appear from the air, and then circulate around the emperor Zhu Changlo House.

I suddenly heavy clouds in the sky. After that, a Canglong appeared in the cloud. I saw this Canglong circling in the sky, attracting the entire Yanyin City's millions of officials amazed. Suddenly, a loud dragon, I can't take the throne, and I fly quickly. Then in the excitement of the emperor's house, they directly cultivate it into vain, put in the righteous wife of Judge Zhu Changlo.

Time is here, the Yellow Emperor exits this space. After the maintenance of the ancestors, the aurora has disappeared quickly, and the clouds are fog, and the cranes have disappeared. Then, Zhu Changlu's house has a newborn cry.

"Canglong is now in the world. This is the saints come to the world! Look at the speed of the sky, look at the Canglong in the sky, and finally?"

The same directive, very fast, is issued in the home house or bureaucratic family of Yanjing City. Numerous people swarming out at the driving of the monks, and explore the goal around Canglong.

Of course, since it is a ancestor, it will not cause obvious obvious omissions. The people sent by the officials of each Ladu, and finally returned their respective owners: Canglong entered the House of Judge Zhu Changlo, and then sent a news in the emperor's house. !

"It turns out, God bless me Damu!"

"Hehe, I lasted for the fifteen years of the national capital, even the old God can't see it?"

"Come on, the paper is grinding, the master, I want to go up! This time, the emperor should not say it!"

"How can this be? How can it be? That Chang Luo does not know where to come from, actually make a magic disease in such a big drain!

Just at the ministers began to go to the palm to prepare a new round of national attacks, and Zheng Guiyi was panicked. Jinyi Tang's book palm in the prince is in the royal book of the Emperor of the Emperor, is tense.

"The emperor, Jin Yiwei has already found that the Cang Long has dropped from the sky. It is indeed an emperor's house. More in the inner people confirm that Canglong has entered the belly of Guo. After a few breathing, Guo When you have a child. This matter, the minister sent a five-way flag to explore, but the news returned back is the same. "

"" Sighed a sigh, Wanli weak waved: "I know."

"So, the minister retired."


After Wang Zhi, the Shu Guo Jian fell from the eunuch, and the torque in the East Factory was blind from the thick curtain: "Emperor, the old slave also sent the dynasty of the local factory to verify it. The message is not listed with Jinyiwei. "

After saying this, Chen Mus is knees to worship: "Congratulations to the emperor, Canglong is born in my Da Ming Royal Royal Royal, but is a big gang!"

Who is the most nervous in Canglong? Of course, it is a royal family: This is the sky who is not satisfied with Zhu family. Is it necessary to lower the Holy Tians? The multi-party news is summarized, and the Canglong is still entering the door of Zhu's family.

But, after the breath, Wanli still feels very depressed.

Why? The tricks of the national book are can't play.

Wanli Emperor has seven sons, of which two sons and four sons are early, and there are five sons survival. These seven sons are not the Queen. That's also, everyone is a prostitute.

Among them, the emperor Zhu Changluo, born in Wanli Decade 1582. His birth is an accident. Its mother's mother is originally a palace woman, accidentally, Wanli emperor is happy, and then take it with him. Do you want to say that the emperor's feelings of Wang Gong? That is basically certain, it is not there.

And the emperor Zhu Chang is born in 14 years of Wanli. Its mastians, Zheng Gui, but the favor of the Emperor Emperor.

However, according to the Huaxia Orthodox Dynasty, there is a ritual method for thousands of years, and there is a gentle, no standing. Judge Zhu Chang Luo Institute should certainly be a prince.

However, Wanli does not do this, not, but don't stand Zhu Changlo as the prince, still or concealed, or open, essential Huang Sanzi Zhu Changzi is the Prince.

In this way, of course, the opposition of the ministers. Then the emperor gave this and the group of ministers. Because the Prince is the future of the country, fundamental. So who is arguing who should be a prince is a national book that competes for the country. This is the national capital of the Ming Dynasty.

The time of this national exchange has been too long. From Wanli 14th, 1586, the first department of the first division of the first department of the time, the rejection of Zhu Changluo was rejected by the Wanli Emperor to start counting. It is now faster than fifteen years.

In the past fifteen years, a total of more than ten people, Wang Jiaping, Zhao Zhi, Wang Xi, and the number of officials, including the number of central and local officials, more than one hundred people were dismissed, dismissed , Send an army. The Wanli Emperor himself is also a long-term refusal to reject the DPRK. Finally, it simply created the history of the king's 20th year.

Of course, there may be no more things in Daming Dynasty, and it is more unable to be more people who want to be the official. Therefore, the officials resigned, and the dismissal is not enough.

The east is the kind of thing, that is, etiquette, form. Haven't heard that sentence: Open a small meeting to decide a big thing, open a meeting to discuss small things. Therefore, the emperor is not on the DPRK, and the operation of the country has not impact.

However, the biggest sequelae of China is: because too many ministers are dismissed because of the same thing, they are different from those of these character, age, geographic, and belief, actually have a common goal. Make Daming's officials have begun to consciously unconsciously consciously across the top of the Donglin Party's prototypes because the national exchange begins to appear. And the destiny, because this group of guys jumped the most fierce, the most embarrassing in the national capital, so it is often the worst by Wanli. Doing so, let these guys don't say a lot of people. Also let the future Donglin Party start from just that day, they will stand up to the morality.

Chapter 2, Grandpa, you have worked hard.

In fact, the so-called national exchange, from the root, can only say that Wanli emperor deliberately Its purpose is that it is not who will do a prince, but want to split the group.

Daming Empire has been more than two hundred years. For such a long time, the part of its power is also changed.

At the beginning, the model Zhu Yuanzhang is chairman, general manager, and secretary. While the power of the Empire, it is tired to die.

Later, his son Zhu Xi couldn't live this. I was forced to open a cabinet and took the work of the secretary.

But people, once they get their power, they naturally want to grab more power. Slowly, the power of the cabinet becomes bigger and bigger, and has become a factual general manager and secretary. Both the chairman gave the chairman.

No way, Zhu Xi's grandson Zhu Zhanji had to enable another power: .

He let the officials study, let the officials participate in politics, let the officials work in the Secretary, from the general manager of the cabinet.

After more than a hundred years later, the general manager is unlikely, let the secretary pack them. If the secretary has made too much, let the general manager to engage in secretary. In short, the chairman of the chairman can enjoy relatively easy to enjoy life, and will not be part of the power. The core of Daming Dynasty basically maintained a balance.

Breaking this balance, it is Mingshuzong Zhu Houqi. That is, the Emperor Jiajing.

This chairman's IQ is too high, and it is really too powerful. So the general manager and secretary are governed by him.

But he is cool, but he left a big question to him: Since the chairman puts the general manager and the secretary too much. Leading to the general manager secretaries actually started a joint!

The most typical is from Longqing six years to Wanli ten years. The cabinet is the first exchange of Zhang Zhengzheng and the Division of the Division, Feng Bao, and the Emperor Emperor.

Therefore, after Zhang Jian is dead, the Wanli emperor who is able to stand to the front desk has been thinking about a question: How to completely dismantle the alliance of the minister? It is best that let the minister also make trouble, don't unite with the emperor. Only the minister and the official, the minister and the minister are not available. Be the emperor can be around.

To achieve this goal, I have to study like his grandfather Jiajing emperor: the debate, division of the law, and the official.

This is the essence of the discussions of China.

It is a pity that the Chen and the officials who were miserable by the Jiajing emperor were no longer fooled.

The advice is very unified: as long as we firmly stand in the height of the law, it will stand in an invincible place! It is an emperor, but the most of our official, but there is no more ways to take us.

Therefore, in the past fifteen years, the most there is a minister secret to the emperor's conclusion: "The emperor, this is no longer, we have to come slowly." It is the limit. Like Jiajing, I just went to Zhang Wei, the position was clear, regardless of all the social public opinion, and thoroughly stood to the emperor, saying that the emperor you want to stand anyone. There is no ministerial minister!

And the eunuch, they are the emperor's house slaves, and they must not be hard to the emperor. But the officials have learned smart: I can't hard, but I can frank. Your emperor wants us to clean up the most powerful ministers, we will pack it. But you have to die, sorry, sorry, the old slave is lost.

Wanli Emperor waited for fifteen years, and he did not wait until the emergence of the minister, the emergence of the officials.

This can't blame him, but you still have to blame his grandfather Zhu Qiang.

Excuse me, what is the destroyed Zhang Wei in the big ceremonies in the big ceremonies? It is a strict in the past, how is it in the next? Your Zhu's emperor is like a shackle, and it is still useful to the minister. Who is still stupid, willing to go with your emperor?

Fifteen years, in fact, the emperor of Wanli is almost desperate, can't hold it.

Now, the white crane is around the beam and the Canglong. It became the last straw that crushed the Emperor Emperor.

The battle of this country is insisted. Split the group of ministers, don't ring. I really don't know, the emperor after you will have any days.

Also, let's take a look at this time of the world, the sky is so violent. Say, this is the first royal grandchron.

In the afternoon of October 18, Wanli team came to the Husband of Zhu Changlo.

For this long-term father, Zhu Changlu's mood is extremely complicated.

However, it is a father and son, the etiquette, that is not less.

The entire emperor is open, and Zhu Changlow personally squatted at the door: "The minister met the father."

"Let's get up, um, say, I haven't seen the emperor for more than three years?"

"The father of the father is three years and seven months and three days. The child is eager to see Tian Yan, such as the long-term gram seedling is eager to rain."